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Image by Dave Spiess


Don't Just Watch. Practice.

Introducing Xperiments that allow you to practice on cloud while you navigate through activities step by step. Go test your limits.

Now Xperiments are available to all members without any extra costs.

Install MySQL 8.0 on Linux


Awesome ASM


Digging Linux Server


Install 19c on Linux



The Answers You Need

Enjoy unlimited retries! Each Xperiment features a countdown timer, challenging you to compete against yourself every time. If you run out of time while completing any Xperiment, simply relaunch and you will get a fresh new cloud server to complete Xperiment.

How many times can I launch an Xperiment?

Launch any Xperiment and connect to a remote cloud server within 30 seconds, from anywhere, at any time and from any device.

How long does it take to launch an Xperiment?

If you are already subscribed to DBA Genesis plans, then no separate plan needed for Xperiments. Go test your limits and launch unlimited Xperiments!

Do I need to purchase separate plan for Xperiments?

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