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Automation with Shell Script

Automate just anything the way you want in Linux


Build Logics. Write Scripts And Automate

Imagine that 90% of the things which we use today will be automated in near future. Most of the things we used 10 years back are almost obsolete. Automation is a process of putting things on auto-pilot which allows you to have more time for innovation. Deep understanding of Linux scripting along with automation process will allow you to put most of your tasks on auto-pilot.

What you will learn

  • Programming Basics: How to write logics for your programs

  • Shell Basics: Types of shells and their command formats

  • Linux Variables: Understand OS level variables to store global values

  • First Script: Write your first Linux script and execute it

  • IF-Else-IF: Define conditional execution of shell scripts

  • Loops: Execute tasks 'n' number of times before exit

  • Accept User Inputs: Build scripts to let users give inputs during execution

  • Functions: Build Linux functions and call it in various shell scripts

  • Advance Scripting: Build advance level Linux scripts used in Real-time

Project work

  • Weekly server maintenance report

  • Script to automate Oracle Installation

  • Call other shell scripts by passing arguments

  • Backup Server Directory to another server

  • Shell script to change linux hostname & change IP address

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