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Abstract Glow

Our true competition is to offer a better experience through our products

Our Motivation

"If you can inspire people to feel better about themselves and their abilities - and to discover abilities they didn't even know they had - those people are going to be loyal to you and evangelize your brand. Your customers care about finding meaning in their lives, and oftentimes they aren't aware of how product or service can bring out talents or abilities they didn't even know they had. Help them unleash their inner genius, and you will create a loyal customer for life."

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Awesome Team!

In a world of excess, they're the minimalist Mavericks, wielding the power of 'less is more' like a secret weapon of mass awesomeness.

Arun Kumar


Prem Kumar


P Sunil Kumar

Cloud Infrastructure Engineer

Ankiita Ssankla

Software Development Designer

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