Get new DBA skills every Saturday

Grow your DBA skillset with real-time DBA projects which are conducted live every Saturday. Our projects cover everything you need to understand, execute and solve real-time DBA challenges from scratch.


What type of projects can I work on?

Every Saturday, DBA Genesis team will bring you challenging projects that are encountered by DBAs in real-time environment. The projects can be from simple SQL projects to complex database replication or migrations!

How much experience do I need for projects?

You can be a fresher and still choose to work on simple projects! For each type of project, we expect you to have the architectural knowledge. Example, for a Golden Gate project, we expect you to know at least Golden Gate architecture.

How will I practice the projects?

Each student gets a dedicated 7 day remote cloud lab with every project (FREE). You just need to connect our cloud servers via PuTTY and practice.

What is the time commitment every weekend?

Every Saturday, you join live with our instructor on specific project for 4 hours. In addition to live project, you get dedicated cloud lab access for 7 days.

All the live projects are recorded and you get recording access for 7 days for you to review it while practicing on cloud servers.