Practice. Get Confident. Get hired

99% of the times when you face an interview rejection, it's hard to guess what went wrong. There is always something hidden inside the interviewer questions.

A mock interview with DBA Genesis expert provides you an opportunity to practice real time interviews and receive feedback on your answers.

Be sure to take your mock interview as seriously as you would an actual interview.

How it works

#1 Personality Round

This interview round will test you for your attitude, behaviour and team work. It's a friendly round!

#2 Technical Round

This round will test you against the list of skills mentioned in your resume. It's the hottest round!

#3 HR Round

This round will challenge you to negotiate highest salary offered. It's the sweetest round!

Define interview complexity

Let us know how tough the interview should be based on your experience level


DBA Mock Interview

You would like to be interviewed on any of the below areas

  • Oracle SQL / Linux
  • Oracle Database
  • Oracle Data Guard
  • Oracle Golden Gate
  • Oracle RAC

Mock Interview + Resume Building

Work closely with a DBA Genesis expert to rebuild your resume that showcases most important skills and exclude what is not required